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If you place a grain of wheat under a rock it will germinate and soon develop into a pale seedling. The little plant has no choice but to continue growing.
A caterpillar living in a forest abundant where there are no flowers has no choice but to transform into a butterfly, even though it will die of starvation.

If you look at both examples you will notice that, even in adverse conditions, there is a compulsion in the way organisms develop: the wheat must grow and the caterpillar must transform.

Science has observed that the compulsion for the human species is to accumulate knowledge, even though we don’t know where it will lead.
I wonder if there are any other ways for us to evolve?

out of love of life just the way it is,

Magical thinking and The Secret*

* = please watch the movie The Secret ( ) before reading this section.

The list of affirmations mentioned below are my response to the movie The Secret:
Just because I THINK I possess something (eg. a huge amount of money) doesn’t mean that I DO possess it, nor I will possess it in the future. It only means I THINK of possessing it.
Just because I IMAGINE myself owning something (eg. an expensive car) doesn’t mean that I DO actually own it, nor I will own it. It only means I IMAGINE myself owning it.
Just because I ENVISION myself with new outstanding personal qualities doesn’t mean that I am the new me that I always dreamt to be. Transforming myself into a new me takes time because my neurones need months to develop new neuronal pathways so the new me will have the right biological support to function.

And a quote from the psychopathology literature:
“MAGICAL THINKING is a false belief that one’s thoughts or actions will cause a specific outcome in some way that defies commonly understood laws of cause and effect. Magical thinking is a part of normal child development.”

out of love for controversial theories & life,