Cornel is my favourite designer of management development programmes. We worked together on High Potential Leadership workshop at european level, management teams development and individual coaching for high potentials.
Liliana Baz, HR Manager Europe,
I consider Cornel one of my preferred coaching partners. His clear ethical stance and interest for his clients are only some of the professional qualities.
Alain Cardon, Master Certified Coach,
Cornel is a forward thinking person. He is friendly, empathic and has a good insight into people's needs.
Roger Day, Trainer in psychotherapy and Psychotherapist in play therapy
It was a real pleasure to attend an event on organisational psychology presented from the heart.
Anica Sumega, Group Leader - Human Capital Management,
I saw him deliver several trainings and I'm convinced that everything he did had a profound impact on the participants. The most impressive aspect for me was the way he allowed himself to make harmless mistakes.
Gabriela Hanc, Human resources Consultant,
Cornel was exactly what we needed: a great professional with vast experience in applied psychology. You can easily notice that he likes what he's doing.
Mihaela Luguzan, Business developer,
Every training was unique and packed with invitations to positive re-decissions. I was impressed with how Cornel combined humour with profesionalism.
Sabina Cretu, Human Resources Manager,
His eye for detail is unbelievable and without his dedicated support Blind Independence Greenwich whould not be where it is today.
Colin Brown, Chief executive


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